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How to Sell Books on Amazon

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Authors recognise that obtaining their books listed at Amazon is critical for ebook sales. More and greater readers are making Amazon their first area to visit buy books, and with Amazon’s loose transport options and the benefit of buying from domestic, that trend is not going to exchange. But Amazon offers exclusive alternatives to authors to promote their books, which may be each complicated and time-ingesting to get to the bottom of. Here are some simple approaches to maneuver through that procedure.

Amazon offers basically three approaches to sell your e-book at its on-line shop: 1) list the ebook at Amazon after which delivery copies to Amazon, 2) having a seller’s account, or 3) promoting your e-book for Kindle. I will cognizance on simply the primary two alternatives, which relate to printed in place of virtual books.

What are the variations between having Amazon promote your ebook and your growing a vendor’s account to promote your e-book your self at Amazon? Time and cash. As an creator, you will need to determine whether time or cash is more critical to you in working with Amazon, or you may stability out both ways as a minimum until you decide which matches best for you. Below are motives for the way to do each and the blessings and drawbacks of each.

List Your Book for Amazon to Sell

How: This calls for creating an “Amazon Advantage” Amazon Promo Code account, perhaps aptly named due to the fact Amazon in preference to the writer receives most of the advantage. To join, you need copies of your e-book, an ISBN, and a bar code. Then visit Amazon Advantage. Follow the steps but study the first-class print. Amazon costs an annual fee ($29.95 presently and nonrefundable whether or not or not any of your books sell) and its commission is fifty five% of your retail fee. Amazon will notify you to send books and what number of. You pay the shipping and don’t have any say over the quantity you send. If Amazon wishes fifty, you pay the delivery on fifty, even if the books do not sell. If Amazon most effective wishes two at a time, you could discover your self making common small shipments which can be time ingesting and extra costly than one large shipment if your e-book is promoting regularly.

Advantage: Once Amazon receives your books and begins selling them, you don’t should deal with mailing out person orders.

Disadvantages: Not best do you need to pay an annual charge to be indexed, however Amazon’s 55% fee may be very high. For instance, a e-book priced at $25.Ninety five might imply a profit of $eleven.Sixty eight for the author. Remember you also want to parent inside the price of shipping the books to Amazon so your income will be even decrease.

Be an Independent Seller Through Amazon

How: You cannot sell your book independently on Amazon till it’s far indexed there, so regardless, your e-book desires an Amazon Advantage account. You can comply with the stairs above, emerge as an Amazon Advantage consumer, and then later tell Amazon the e-book is not available, or in case you are historically posted, published by way of a subsidy press, or sign on with a distributor like Ingram, your writer or distributor will create your Amazon Advantage account for you and pay the prices, simply supplying you with the royalties you agreed on with the publisher or distributor. Today, many impartial printers and ebook layout companies may also list books at Amazon for self-posted authors and virtually rate a small flat one-time fee (generally around $50) to list your ebook for you. The e-book can be listed as out of stock, which means Amazon has no copies, and also you don’t want to ship them any.

Once your e-book has a listing at Amazon, you could open a dealer account with Amazon to promote your e-book independently. First, appearance up your book name on Amazon. On the right aspect of the display screen for your Amazon list is a little boxed area with the question, “Have one to promote?” followed by a button to click on that asserts, “Sell Yours Here.” Click the button and comply with the steps to list your e-book and your records. You can list as many copies to be had as you want, furnished you have got that many copies in stock. Customers can now buy the ebook immediately from you as opposed to Amazon. You pay not anything to Amazon until the ebook sells.

Advantages: The benefits are many, especially in phrases of your earnings. Rather than take 55% in commission like with an Amazon Advantage Account, Amazon takes some thing in the direction of 25%. Amazon additionally gives you a $3.99 credit to ship your e book, which must pay the value of transport if you deliver thru media mail. So as an example, that $25.Ninety five e-book we used as an example formerly and which weighs approximately one pound, will value you $2.Seventy seven to mail. Amazon will pay you $23.71 for the sale, along with the $three.Ninety nine for shipping) because of this your income is $20.94 (about double the $11.68 minus shipping had you offered it thru Amazon Advantage).

Another benefit to an person supplier account is that whilst Amazon might also list your e-book at retail of $25.95, on your supplier account you can listing it slightly beneath that fee so it seems much less high priced to customers. You can also list the book, now not most effective as “New” but encompass that it’s miles autographed by way of the author and personally shipped by him or her. Even in case you signal the books you ship directly to Amazon, Amazon may not put it on the market for you that they’re autographed, so listing your books to your seller account as “signed by using the writer” may be an advantage for you. Many readers will experience an autographed e-book is of greater fee than one which is not.

A very last advantage is that you get your client’s deal with and email statistics, so that you know more approximately your purchaser than you will if Amazon had sold the e-book. You can preserve that facts for destiny marketing mailings or updates to the customer whilst your next e book comes out. Eventually, you might convince the customer to shop for directly thru your website in place of through Amazon, for that reason supplying you with a greater income in income.

Disadvantages: You should ship the e book within 48 hours of the order, and you’re chargeable for packaging and shipping, this means that in case your ebook is popular you’ll be making frequent trips to mail it, but it is profitable if the ebook is promoting.

Another downside is that Amazon customers can not receive FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders of $25 or greater if a product is from an Amazon Seller in preference to Amazon immediately. This might make the consumer much less likely to buy your product, however if readers really need your ebook, they in all likelihood won’t mind paying some extra greenbacks for shipping. However, if Amazon is also promoting your e book, clients will maximum in all likelihood favor to purchase that replica instead of searching at copies available from dealers.