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How to Transfer 8mm and Hi8 Video Tapes to DVD or VHS

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We digitize film reels to the latest digital formats for… For you, then they may offer some editing and image enhancement with the process. For example, Capture offers automatic smart chapters, highlight videos, and personalized titles and themes. Were once a popular method to capture priceless family experiences like weddings, graduations, birthday parties, holidays, vacations, and more, there are a lot of reasons to update the analog format to DVD. Here are some of the reasons it’s a good idea to learn how to turn VHS into DVD format. Our Photo Scanning Service converts all images – photo prints, negatives, slides – to digital formats within 30 days. Arias says that sharing your movies can be another fail-safe.

Transferring to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital file on Windows and Mac

Read more about transfer vhs to dvd here.

Insert a blank DVD into your DVD recorder or computer’s DVD burner. Ensure that the disc has enough capacity for storing your recorded video.

Connecting the Cable Box

Choose “Create New,” naming it whatever you want, and click OK. Then, from the “Device” drop-down in the next window, find the option for your VCR’s adapter—mine was called “AV TO USB2.0”. Leave the other settings at their default and click OK. The main window may look a little scary, but don’t worry—you only have to do a few things to record basic video.

The process isn’t quite as straightforward as digitizing photographs or negatives and it can be difficult to track down a VCR to even play the tapes, let alone convert them. The VHS format wasn’t intended to be archival, and chances are your old home movies are already starting to degrade. However, once you convert VHS to digital, you can then use one the best free video editing software to clean up and share your videos with friends and family. Digitization of individual tapes to DVD for $19.95, for an additional $2 per tape customers can have their files converted to MP4 and sent as a digital download or shipped back on a thumbdrive. Scan My Photos also offers a prepaid box video transfer rate for customers who are looking to digitize a large number of VHS tapes. The pre-paid box costs $245 and can hold up to 14 tapes.

Digitizing 8 mm, Super 8, or VHS home movies can be tricky. Here’s what you need to know.

That’s a fraction of the tens of billions of dollars consumers spent on DVDs in 2005 and 2006, around the market’s peak. Top producers such as Sony, Samsung and LG once sold tens of millions of DVD players a year. In 2009, 88 percent of American households owned a DVD player, according to Nielsen. By early 2021 that number was just 56 percent, and lower for young people.

These stores outsource the video transfer to one of the many popular video transfer services. There are also independent transfer services best found by searching Google Maps for your area. The pricing chart below of the top video transfer services is based on a 2-hour video transfer from standard videotape (VHS/Video8/MiniDV/etc). There are other formats tapes can be transferred to you should consider, the descriptions below in the article highlight each service. Legacy Box regularly has sales, so if you catch one at the right time you can get up to 50 percent off your order, making this one of the most cost-effective options.

And when done all of your original tapes and other media will get sent back you. LegacyBox is a popular transfer services that can handle all of your needs no matter what type of media you want to transfer.

If you’re using an S-Video cable for higher quality, leave the yellow RCA plug disconnected and put the S-Video cable into the S-Video sockets on your VCR and your VHS to digital connector. Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku devices allow you to wirelessly mirror your mobile display to your much-loved living room TV. But what if you don’t own a streaming device with mirroring capabilities? Fortunately, there is, and it’s a little-known technology that’s been around for quite some time. Have you ever noticed three letters above certain HDMI inputs on your TV or A/V receiver? We’re talking about MHL, a wired protocol for getting your phone, tablet, or computer display up on your 4K TV. While not as convenient as wireless mirroring, MHL will get the job done — and the only thing you’ll need is an MHL-certified HDMI cable.