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How To Waterproof Your Home During Its Construction JES Foundation Repair

November 25, 2023 by admin
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Noticing foundation problem signs is the first step toward foundation repair. When your foundation becomes damaged, the issues are generally quite visible.

The underlying cause of the problem might be different depending on the gap, but no matter what’s going on, you should contact an expert. The overarching structure of your home can have serious issues because of floor and wall gaps as well. Part of the issue is that floor and wall gaps don’t just show up out of nowhere. More often than not, they show up because you already have structural problems. The problem typically arises because one side of your floor is sinking more than the other side. In certain homes, this can cause the floor and the wall to separate. One way to proactively protect yourself from getting ripped off is to use a credit card or check to pay the contractor deposit rather than cash.

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It’s a key component of that “bouncy floor” feeling that some homes occasionally end up with. Although foundation settlement can cause problems with wall gaps, that isn’t the worst that could happen. It can also lead to a variety of structural concerns, up to and including walls and floors collapsing.

What You Need to Know About Contractor Deposits

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Why Waterproof?

Since removing a section of your floor may be necessary to install a slab pier, this can increase the overall project time. Concrete slab foundations often experience damage outside as they settle into the ground. Think about if you’ve seen cracks, sinking, or uneven sections of your foundation lately.

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