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What to Look For in a Korea Translation

April 22, 2022 by admin
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Among the many translation agencies in Korea, there are several that offer English to Korean translation services. These companies may seem a bit expensive and are only suitable for largescale businesses. However, you should be aware of the potential drawbacks of such a service. You may end up with reduced accuracy, because the translation is done too quickly. To avoid such a problem, choose a service that offers accurate turnaround times, but also a high quality product.

JR Language

JR Language is a multi-service Korean translation agency that started operating in 2006. The company offers services in over 100 languages, but focuses mostly on English and professional Spanish translation services. As a result, there aren’t many reviews about JR Language online, but a handful of them do exist. Here are some things to look out for when considering this agency. First, check out their rates. The starting price for certified translation services is $58 per page, which is higher than the average market rate. The price will increase every other page, so be prepared to spend a small fortune on your translation. Second, consider the project size: JR Language is best for medium-sized projects.

Quality: JR Language is an agency that employs native and advanced-level Korean speakers to complete your translations. However, there are a few downsides to this company. For one, it can take weeks to complete a translation if it’s time-sensitive. Additionally, it only offers shortdocument translations, which can be problematic for some clients. JR Language uses machine translation exclusively. However, if you’re looking for the best Korean translation service, you should choose an agency that uses native speakers of the language.


For those looking to hire a Korea translation agency, you can turn to TransPerfect Inc. for a range of services. With offices in the US, Korea, and Europe, TransPerfect provides language services to international companies. As a part of their mission to help clients achieve their business goals, the company has also donated to many charities. For instance, TransPerfect has donated to organizations such as Girls Who Code, The V Foundation for Cancer Research, CLEAR Global, and Athlete Ally. Among other causes, the company has contributed to organizations like the Bottom Line, Athlete Ally, and Toys for Tots.

A few years ago, TransPerfect was thriving and gaining recognition from international businesses. The company’s founders realized the need for an enterprise with a strong serviceminded mission and they set out to provide top-quality language services to a range of industries. After all, they began as a two-man operation in a dorm room, and grew into the most trusted language services firm in the world.

LTI Korea

The LTI Korea translation agency supports the internationalization of literature through the provision of a translation grant to foreign publishers. The grant covers the entire translation of the book, except for the sample translation payment. The grants are paid in installments and the successful applicant receives the full grant when the translated work is published by an overseas publisher. To be considered for a translation grant, the translation must be completed within a year of being approved for publication.

In addition to providing funding to Korean authors, LTI Korea also supports sample translations of Korean literary works and the publication of these translated versions by foreign publishers. The translation grants provide valuable opportunities for early career translators. Applicants should be aware of the deadline for submission, as late applications will be automatically submitted for the next semester. Previous grant holders are required to complete the current project before reapplying for the next grant period. They may also reapply with the same work for up to three times.